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A Complete Guide on Insurance Brokers

Laymen and women do not fully understand the insurance field. A business owner seeking to find the best business insurance brokers Burlington offers will do a quick internet search which will yield several results. It is likely that most of such individuals are not aware that not all commercial insurance brokers operate in a similar manner. Thus, they may randomly select a broker, without prior knowledge on the services to expect.

There are different types of insurance brokers. Each of the categories has its strengths, limitations and procedure to operate. Therefore, one broker can be appropriate for one business but not the other. Here are the different types available.

Broker networks

They comprise of many small business insurance brokers, who share assets, market opportunities, and resources collectively. This arrangement is considered to be advantageous to companies that decide to be part of one of these networks. These companies advertise attractive commission for individual brokers and service expectations in general.


Insurer-owned brokers

These are probably the most commonly known and appreciated the type of insurance agents in the market. Most of the popularly known brokers are in this category. The brokers are owned and managed by the said insurance company. The insurer stipulates their practices and standards. For a long time, this model has been regarded as the industry standard. However, this is no longer the case, as their effectiveness has gradually decreased over the years.

Consolidated brokers

They result when one company buys or rather assimilates some smaller companies, just like what happens in corporate mergers. Some time back, these were the most common types of insurance brokers in some markets, with mergers taking place on a weekly basis. Considering that the result of consolidation is not clear, these mergers are not popular today.

Independent brokers

The forth type of commercial insurance brokers are independent brokers. They are not in any way associated with any of the three mentioned in the article. They tend to be small, and some are family owned. They have direct and personalized relationships with their clients. Clients who choose this type experienced personalized services, with high face-to-face interactions and more time devotion to every case.

How to choose an insurance broker

Consider recommendations

Ask advice from friends, relatives and colleagues who have hired insurance brokers previously. It is always better to ask for recommendations rather than to depend on yellow pages. Ask them how their experience with the broker was like, as well as their charges.

Look for reviews

Visit the sites for the brokers to whom you have been recommended to. Usually, former clients will post their reviews. If there are more positive reviews than negative ones, that is a good broker. On the contrary, many negative reviews are red signs of poor services.


Brokers tend to specialize in various insurance policies. Therefore, choose one who can serve your needs.

Customized advice

A good broker will be knowledgeable on matters pertaining policies, the coverage, and the costs. The individual will thus be able to give you appropriate guidance. If you come across one who has the shallow, know how do not hire them.

Now, you know the type of broker and the considerations to bear when choosing a business insurance broker. Make a wise decision.…