Well, this ends my first week blogging, and it’s been quite fun so far.  Being an IT “geek” the technical part of setting up and maintaining the blog is just as interesting to me as writing the posts so far!

This week I wrote about RRSPs for a few reasons:  I think they’re a somewhat misunderstood entity, despite their ubiquity.  My RRSP is my first serious foray into investing.  And lastly, I plan on taking advantage of the HBP when we purchase out first home.

And finally, this is the start of what will be a Friday tradition here (and seems to be a popular practice in the PF blogging world!).  I’m going to feature my five favourite (in no particular order) financial articles from the last week, either from the blogoshpere or in the media:

  • Kathryn wrote a guest post on MDJ about some of her Financial Regrets
  • According to Canadian Dream: Free at 45, The Most Important Thing to Get to FI is… you’ll have to click-through to find out.
  • “Will 5-year Mortgage Rates Fall Further?“, was the question of the day at Canadian Mortgage Trends.
  • Canadian Tax Resources wrote about What You Need To Know About Getting a Mortgage
  • Consumer advocate Ellen Roseman explained Your right to a credit card refund

Thanks to everyone who read my blog this week.  I’m enjoying it so far, but start leaving comments and let’s get the discussion going!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Written by Juan William